Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Deliver better digital experiences with best-in-class synthetic monitoring.
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splunk synthetic monitoring splunk synthetic monitoring

Making Sense of Digital Experience Monitoring Solutions

Go beyond basic uptime and performance monitoring

Product Capabilities
Best-in-class synthetic monitoring
Find and fix, faster Find and fix, faster
Find and fix, faster

Detect, communicate and resolve issues faster. Splunk® Synthetic Monitoring integrates with Splunk Cloud, On-Call, APM, Infrastructure Monitoring, and Enterprise, to troubleshoot issues arcoss your entire architecture. Measure API and service uptime alongside the health of backend services and underlying infrastructure.

web performance optimization web performance optimization
Optimize web performance

Our intelligent optimization engine helps prioritize and resolve performance defects across every page. From Google's Lighthouse scores to core web vitals and 50+ modern perofrmance metrics, you can benchmark and improve page performance and user-experience.

visualize user experience visualize user experience
Visualize user experience

Filmstrips, screenshots and playback recordings visualize your end-user experience. Measure page load experience, interactivity and visual stability of your dynamic page experience to help building better digital experiences.

reduce mttr reduce mttr
Reduce MTTR

Take the guesswork out of root cause analysis and improve the mean time to resolve (MTTR) with detailed insights into performance defects, categorized by team, that seamlessly integrate into your continuous delivery process for fast and reliable remediation.

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