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General Terms

The new Splunk General Terms (SGT) allow our customers to purchase any Splunk product or service. We’ve created one uniform set of terms that apply to all of our offerings. Contract with Splunk just once!

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Specific Offering Terms

Some Splunk offerings have additional, specific terms that apply. These specific terms supplement the Splunk General Terms, are available on our Specific Terms Web Page, and are applied to the products and services that you purchase.

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Splunk Support

Splunk offers a variety of support options to help ensure your success.

Product Documentation

User and technical documentation for Splunk offerings.

For Vendors

Purchase Order Terms: These terms will apply where Splunk is purchasing products and/or services.

Archived Terms

Splunk’s prior agreements can be found here: Software License Agreement, Splunk Cloud Terms of Use, SignalFx Service Agreement and VictorOps Terms of Service.