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Prevent outages with modern IT management

Service-centric IT management for increased availability and faster remediation.

Gartner AIOps Market Guide

2021 Gartner Market Guide for AIOps

Learn why you need a single, domain-agnostic AIOps platform


Prevent outages and remediate issues fast

Find and fix issues faster

Modernize monitoring with speed, scale and advanced analytics.

fix issues faster fix issues faster

Acquia saved $600K while simplifying monitoring to resolve problems faster and deliver a better customer experience.

Get full-stack visibility

Visualize service health across the technology stack using KPI-driven insights.

full stack full stack

TransUnion visualized service health across its technology stack to accelerate root cause determination and issue resolution.

Proactive management and analytics

Identify and respond to priority incidents using predictive machine learning.

proactive management and analytics proactive management and analytics

Honda reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) by 70% with predictive analytics, improving efficiency and enabling teams to focus on mission-critical initiatives.


Modern IT management for today’s operations

Manage complex environments with AIOps for increased agility and speed.

infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting

Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Monitor and troubleshoot in real time across on-premises, hybrid and multicloud environments.

Service Monitoring and Insights

Ensure service performance and availability with full-stack visibility.

service monitoring and insights service monitoring and insights
aiops aiops


Modernize IT management with machine learning, predictive alerting and auto-remediation.

Event Management

Reduce alert noise and focus on priority events.

event management event management
incident response incident response

Incident Response

Deliver alerts to the most qualified responders.


A comprehensive IT management solution for:

event management event management

Event Management

Reduce alert noise and focus on priority events

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incident response incident response

Incident Response

Route alerts to recommended responders

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Predictive Analytics Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Predict and prevent service interruptions

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Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring

Simplify monitoring across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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server monitoring

Server and VM Monitoring

Find and troubleshoot server problems

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Cloud Migration Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

Evolve faster in the cloud

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transunion background transunion background

Customer Story

TransUnion gets continuous visibility and predictive analytics with Splunk

With Splunk ITSI, we have a way to visualize application flow and health from service to service. ITSI helps us speed root cause determination and resolve issues as fast as possible.

Senior Monitoring and Operations Architect, TransUnion

Ready to modernize IT Operations?

Splunk’s IT Ops solutions are available for purchase via IT Cloud or as standalone products.


Analytics-driven IT operations management


Assure service health and performance

service health service health

Improve availability and end user experience with dynamic service health views.

Get visibility across domains

visbility across visbility across

Collect and process data from diverse sources and get insights in milliseconds.

Analyze data in real-time

data in real time data in real time

Get accurate, actionable and timely insights into operational health and performance.

Ensure flexibility amidst change

ensure flexibility ensure flexibility

Enable flexibility using open standards-based instrumentation.

Monitor across any environment

monitor environment monitor environment

Monitor and manage services, apps and infrastructure across all environments with a market-leading ITOM solution.



Omdia Universe: Selecting an AIOps Solution, 2021–22


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Splunk’s IT Ops solutions are available for purchase via IT Cloud or as standalone products