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Deliver better digital experiences

Troubleshoot faster and improve customer experience with visibility into your entire IT landscape

making sense of digital experience monitoring

Making Sense of Digital Experience Monitoring

The most advanced capabilities to improve end-user experience

find and fix, faster

Find and fix, faster

Splunk’s full-fidelity, OpenTelemetry standardized data pinpoints issues from web browsers to backend services

optimize web performance

Optimize web performance

Improve performance with the most advanced web optimization capabilities in observability, including modern performance metrics, filmstrips and best practices

drive better user-journeys

Fix problems in seconds

Ensure your entire user flow is available, fast and performant, from dynamic content to APIs and third-party dependencies


End-to-end visibility drives web performance

rapidly pinpoint latency rapidly pinpoint latency

Rapidly pinpoint latency

Fix customer-facing issues faster with NoSample™ full-fidelity tracing that analyzes performance for web, mobile and more.

Easily tune performance

Splunk’s optimization engine provides performance recommendations on every page. Find immediate improvement opportunities for page load experience, user interactivity and visual stability.

easily tune performance easily tune performance
deliver better deployments deliver better deployments

Deliver better deployments

Integrate uptime and performance within CI/CD pipelines and DevOps processes. Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks by testing your user experience before going live. 

30% 30%

Decreased load time

decker brands decker brands


Blue Apron Decreases Load Time by 30% With Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

We've decreased load time by 30% with Splunk® Synthetic Monitoring helping eliminate customer-facing issues and optimize web performance.


Tom Wilson Principal Engineer at Blue Apron


A comprehensive solution built for:

real user monitoring real user monitoring
End-user experience monitoring

Benchmark and improve user-experience

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synthetic monitoring synthetic monitoring
Uptime and performance monitoring

Proactively monitor uptime and performance

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Explore more features

Powerful end-to-end full fidelity tracing, browsers to backend services.


Improve every aspect of the end-user experience 

Integrations with Jenkins and Jira help measure performance across CI/CD pipelines. Communicate failure and alerts through Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, OpsGenie and more. View endpoint uptime alongside Splunk On-Call, Splunk Infrastructure, Splunk APM, and Splunk Core.


Making Sense of Digital Experience Monitoring

What should your DEM strategy include? 



Drive better customer experiences and business results

Build and improve software with customers in mind, leveraging Splunk’s DEM solutions.

end-to-end observability end-to-end observability

End-to-end observability

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get back-end insights get back-end insights

Get back-end insights

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Find out how you can drive better business results from your front end.