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Lenovo Offers Frictionless E-Commerce Experience With Splunk Observability
Lenovo cut troubleshooting time in half while ensuring 100% uptime despite a 300% surge in traffic. Aligns Cross-Departmental Teams to Improve Mobile Page Speed and Performance gains better visibility into how new code and features impact the end-user experience. Refactors Monoliths Into Microservices With Splunk Observability
This premier platform now has better app architecture, faster troubleshooting and quicker releases.
Blue Apron Decreases Load Time by 30% With Splunk Synthetic Monitoring
Splunk Synthetic Monitoring helped Blue Apron improve load time for a better user experience.
One of the Year’s First Unicorns Uses Splunk Observability to Conquer Cyber Five
Quantum Metric accelerates developer productivity while improving platform performance.
Expo 2020 Dubai Mega-Event Ensures Security With Splunk
Slack Unlocks Data to Empower Collaboration
Slack seamlessly transitions to remote work and ensures security across all apps and cloud services.
Dutch Court System Minimizes Court Disruption With Splunk
The Dutch court system relies on Splunk to understand how its courts are functioning in real time.
Honda Uses Predictive Analytics to Shift Profitability Into High Gear
From keeping the production line running smoothly to fixing problems before they turn into failure.
University of Arizona Innovates to Meet the Challenge of the Pandemic
Using data and Splunk Remote Work Insights to deliver reliable, effective remote learning.
VESCA Automates Data Analysis for Proactive Problem-Solving, 24/7 Service
This Japanese services provider now has better operations, lower costs and happier customers.
Bosch Improves Factory Efficiency With Splunk
Bosch manufacturing solutions harness data to drive factory efficiencies
Actionable Insights Steer the USS Midway Toward Pandemic Safety
After COVID-19 hit, the naval museum used data to ensure safety for visitors, staff and employees.
GIP-MDS Helps 100% of French Businesses by Digitizing and Simplifying Reporting Formalities.
GIP-MDS expands access to data to successfully improve public service.
Atlassian: Accelerating Observability in the Data Age
See how Atlassian manages its DevOps environment to drive business transformation.
Nasdaq: Going All-in on Cloud
Find out why Nasdaq believes going all-in on cloud is key to thriving in the Data Age.
Zoom: Thriving in the Data Age
When the pandemic turned life upside down, the world turned to Zoom to stay connected.
Slack: Turning Data into Doing
Slack discusses security, the future of work and why combining data and collaboration is essential.
McLaren: Driven by Data
Discover how McLaren Racing uses Splunk to thrive in the Data Age — from on the track to in the cloud.
Airbus: Flying Into the Data Age
Airbus shares how its cloud-first culture provided the agility and scale for 50k+ workers to go remote.
Zillow Gains Real-Time Enterprise-Wide Visibility Into Site Operations
Zillow has helped change the real estate game for consumers and businesses alike.
Norlys Speeds up Response Time by Automating Tasks
The Danish service protects critical services by harnessing automation, responding quickly to alerts
Tokyo Stock Exchange Delivers World-Class Performance With Data-Driven Analytics
The leading financial market analyzes data tens of times faster while achieving measurable return.
McGraw Hill Amplifies Security Efficiency With Splunk Phantom
Using automation to accelerate every day tasks.
Compassion International Wields Data to Protect and Care for Children in Poverty
Acting on data to save children from trafficking, protect donors and measure funding impact.
Intel Transforms Its Security Posture With Innovations in Data Intelligence
Helping Intel “hunt the one percent” of adversaries and unlock business value.
Mars Lands and Expands Its Data Capabilities With Splunk
From optimizing cloud performance to unlocking valuable data insights across subsidiaries.
Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Saves Money and Lives by Maximizing Data
The British service better protects and serve citizens by reducing risk and saving taxpayer dollars.
London Gatwick Airport Trusts Splunk Cloud for Operational Intelligence
Gains real-time view of airport performance ensuring efficiency for 38 million annual passengers.
Hyatt Reduces MTTR and Gives Developers More Time to Innovate
Gains faster mean time to resolution, increases developer productivity and improves customer experience.
Belong Undergoes a Digital Transformation Journey With Splunk
The Australian telecom company reduces customer-facing errors by 75% and fixes issues in half the time.
Arlo Optimizes Internal Operations to Protect Customer Data
The leading IoT home security solution improves security, reduces cost and increases reliability.
Data Propelled Value
Global aerospace pioneer Airbus is using Splunk as a real time monitoring platform for both IT and cyber security operations.
Keystart Improves Productivity and Ensures Compliance Remains Paramount With Splunk
This Australian mortgage provider increased productivity fourfold while reducing incident response time by 75%.
Aflac Adopts Splunk Platform for Analytics-Driven Security
Insurer blocks more than two million security threats.
Global Emancipation Network Turns Data Into Action to Fight Human Trafficking
This nonprofit relies on Splunk to help eliminate everything from forced labor to sex slavery.
Square Enix Uses Data to Cut Troubleshooting Time From Weeks to Seconds
The Final Fantasy operator delivers better uptime and a more reliable video game experience.
Dubai Airports Flies Into the Future With Splunk
Improves service and security for millions of travelers.
The U.S. Census Bureau Makes 2020 Count
The country's first digital census uses data to shape America's future
University of Illinois Acts on Data to Advance Student Success
Improves classroom learning, athletes’ performance and student security across campus.
Domino's Pizza Reveals It's Secret Sauce
Why Domino’s is the world’s No. 1 pizza company. (Psst, it’s the data.)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility
Unlocks clean energy potential, safeguards U.S. nuclear stockpile with Splunk.
Lenovo China Improves Security, Gains Actionable Insights
This tech leader accelerates incident response, predicts threats faster and enhances decision-making
TalkTalk Detects Problems Early and Improves Network Performance
This British comms provider improves reliability and resolves outages faster for happier customers.
NewYork-Presbyterian Battles the Opioid Crisis With Splunk
This healthcare leader uses data to help protect communities and reduce the diversion of opioids.
Porsche Brings Data to Everything
The legendary carmaker is using the Data-to-Everything Platform to deliver a world-class experience to drivers everywhere.
Nikko Chemicals Achieves Secure Cloud Migration With Data-Driven Visibility
The Japanese manufacturer uses Splunk to fuel its cloud-first strategy.
au Kabucom Securities Brings Dark Data Into the Light to Battle Cyberattacks
The Japanese securities company automates DevSecOps and taps into the value of all its data.
Jupiter Shop Channel Streamlines IT Operations by Turning Data Into Action
Japan’s first TV shopping network improves business strategy while making monitoring 5x faster
BookMyShow Uses Data to Amplify Innovation and Improve Customer Experience
India’s first entertainment ticketing company increases efficiency and enhances business agility.
Jeffco Public Schools Enables Secure learning with Splunk
Premier school district in the U.S. extends reliable and safe connected campus to drive world-class learning experiences
Namely Deploys Splunk to Enable Observability and Engineering Productivity
The HR solution accelerates product development with Splunk
Acquia Transforms Customer Experience With Real-Time Problem Resolution
Digital Experience Platform improves customer service while saving $600,000 per year
Cloudreach Accelerates Digital Transformation Across its Customer Base with Cloud Monitoring from SignalFx
The global cloud services provider gains full visibility into clients’ environments
Mark43 Depends on Splunk to Keep Its Law Enforcement Technology Always Available
Monitoring for when real time means real lives
SB Payment Service Automates Log Management and Boosts Operational Visibility
Data monitoring and visualization with Splunk ITSI
Puget Sound Energy Improves Response Time With Real-Time Data, Saves With Facility Intelligence
PSE has Faster response during regional power outages, resulting in better customer service
Rise Against Hunger Reins in Data, Focuses Mission With Splunk Enterprise
Splunk for Good works with the global anti-hunger initiative to meet its goal of feeding the world.
NetHope Uses Data to Tackle Global Disasters and Refugee Crises
Splunk for Good helps the global relief consortium improves crisis communications
Sapura Teams With Splunk for Connected Ship, Shore and Subsea IOT
Brazilian shipping giant cuts downtime with in-the-moment view of complex systems
ABN AMRO gains greater transparency, reducing downtime with Splunk
Splunk Platform chosen for tailored insights at ABN AMRO
Cuscal Gains Operational Visibility Into Real-Time Payments To Improve Customer Experience
Gains operational visibility into real-time payments to improve customer experience
UK Councils Collaborate on Security and IT Operations
Splunk Enterprise and ES provide improved operational efficiencies.
PSCU Safeguards Reliability, Security Through VictorOps and Splunk Enterprise
Reduces mean time to acknowledge from four hours to less than two minutes, drives efficient security monitoring for PCI compliance.
City of Gold Coast Gains Real-Time Visibility for the Commonwealth Games
Splunk Cloud and ES provide actionable insights to improve security threat detection and response.
Carnival Navigates Sea of Data With Splunk
Enables secure transactions across land and sea, ensures the booking process meets customer expectations and generates revenue.
Zeppelin Reduces Customer Downtime, Improves System Performance
Manufacturing troubleshooting moves from reactive to proactive.
SaskTel Gains Fast ROI, Embraces Enterprise-Wide Analytics Strategy
Speeds time to introduce new products to market, protects customer privacy and ensures excellent customer service standards.
ASICS Automates Incident Management And Resolution
Improves operational efficiency and security with real-time visibility into incidents and threats.
Seven Bank Fights Financial Crimes With Real-Time Analytics
Gains visibility into threats, streamlines fraud analysis and improves risk management.
Entrust Datacard Corporation Gains Unified Infrastructure Monitoring With Splunk
Reduces the number of monitoring tools required while increasing coverage.
up366 Maximizes Data Value With Real-Time Operations Monitoring
Real-time data monitoring and precise data access accelerates problem solving.
Imprivata Manages Containerized Environment Securely With Splunk Cloud
Frees DevOps teams to focus on high priority business needs and streamlines security compliance.
Yokogawa Achieves Real-Time DevOps Visibility
Enhances quality and effectiveness by turning data into dynamic insights.
Raymond James Gains Fast Time to Value With Splunk Cloud
Splunk Cloud SIEM frees staff to focus on higher-value tasks.
Trane Upholds Green Building Practices
Enhances performance with complete real-time visibility and predictive insights across disparate industrial assets.
REI Gains Edge Protection With Splunk Cloud and AWS
Gains end-to-end security visibility and real-time insight into potential threats.
Viasat Transforms IT Operations Through Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics
Protects customer experience, accelerates network-event remediation and enhances security.
Blackstone Automates Malware Investigations With Splunk Phantom
Dramatically reduces time to investigate malware alerts.
TransUnion Invests in Splunk Solutions for Enterprise Monitoring, Machine Learning
Provides reliable transaction processing to meet customer SLAs and increase revenue.
MTR Benefits From Automated Real-Time Visibility
Enhances operational efficiency and productivity, improves resource utilization and threat prevention.
SONIFI Solutions, Inc. Creates Seamless Reporting, Saves Thousands of Dollars Annually
Reduces reporting time from days to minutes, and answers customer questions about five times faster than before.
Sandia National Labs Teams With Splunk for Advanced Threat Intelligence
Empowers analysts with a collaborative framework for fast and consistent threat identification and response.
Rokt improves predictability and martech service with advanced analytics
Gains real-time visibility into IT operations to improve predictability.
Shaw Industries Breaks Production Records With Splunk IoT
Improves work order lead times, increases sample panel production output and enhances energy efficiency.
DB Cargo Gains Real-Time Fleet Analytics
Improves locomotive availability, reduces downtime, enhances customer service and lowers maintenance costs.
PEXA Drives Digital Transformation
Offers PEXA greater operational visibility into system health and uncompromised customer experience.
Recursion Pharma Targets 100 Genetic Diseases With Splunk and Machine Learning
Gains time to value in three days, with complex laboratory adoption complete in only three months.
Econocom Delivers Better Services to Customers
Streamlines event management process; can better meet SLAs.
NAPAS Ensures Seamless Operations With Real-Time Business Visibility
Gets full operational visibility to achieve IT infrastructure monitoring transparency.
Leidos Taps Splunk ITSI for Better Event Management
Gains a real-time correlation and rules engine to automate event handling.
Japan Net Bank Gains Real-Time Visibility Into Cybersecurity Risks
Gains real-time visibility into cybersecurity risks to go extra mile in combating cyberattacks.
University of San Francisco Promotes Efficiency and Increases Transparency With Splunk Cloud SIEM
Improves security posture and ensures payment card industry (PCI) compliance.
CenturyLink Finds New Solutions, From Switchboards to Dashboards
Gains mission-critical monitoring, executive-level visibility and improved resolution time.
Ferguson Customer Service Profits With Splunk Cloud
Aligns organizational resources with customer needs to build stronger customer relationships.
SMSGlobal Gains Real-Time Visibility Into Customer Needs and System Health
Maximizes marketing effectiveness, automates threat intelligence and optimizes compliance management.
ENGIE Global Markets Ensures Key Trading Application Performance With Splunk ITSI
Engie experiences faster resolution of business impacting issues and a holistic view of service health.
Networld Technology Ltd. Gains Real-Time Visibility Into Business Processes
Gains seamless IT system and website monitoring and improved revenue tracking.
Travis Perkins PLC Adopts Analytics-Driven SIEM
Enables a lean SOC and reduces security incident investigation time
Hong Kong's Vessel Traffic Center Gains Real-Time Port Operations Visibility
Automated operations reduce vessel tracking time from tens of minutes to seconds, improve accuracy.
Yelp Standardizes on Splunk to Complement Open Source Tools & Democratize its Data
Splunk helps ensure excellent food delivery service at Yelp24
Molina Healthcare Gains Healthy Advantage With Splunk Enterprise and Splunk ITSI
Mining data to improve health care services, ensuring revenue-generating claims engine runs smoothly.
Telecom Company Builds a Better Business Process
Provides real-time visibility into sales and marketing data while reducing infrastructure downtime.
Federal Agency Gains Visibility to Troubleshoot Across Disparate Systems
Serves internal customers with improved app delivery, security, and network troubleshooting.
SPIEGEL-Verlag Saves Resources With Proactive Error Prevention
Reduces error response time and prevents content downtime on the world's most popular German site.
Kurt Geiger Uses Insight Into Machine Data to Support Global Websites
Provides real-time insight to ensure an optimum customer experience.
John Lewis Online Growth Supported by Splunk Enterprise
Gains real-time operational insights to make better business decisions.
FINRA Protects American Investors With Splunk Cloud and AWS
Gains visibility into most U.S. stock and options market transactions.